Cheshire CCC - Academy XI Vs Lancashire 2nd XI

Type FriendlyRules TypeStandard
Ground Chester Boughton Hall CCDate Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Toss Cheshire CCC - Academy XI won the toss and elected to fieldStart Time 11:00

Result Summary

Result :    Lancashire 2nd XI - Won
Cheshire CCC - Academy XILancashire 2nd XI
Score216 for 10 (45.1 overs) 278 for 10 (49.1 overs)
Total Points00

Lancashire 2nd XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
Karl Brownlbwb  Wayne White112017
Luke Procterb  Jack C White180032
Calum Turnerct James Sewardb  Wayne White0003
Liam Livingstonelbwb  Jack C White142012
Rob Jonesb  Wayne White119113114
Josh Bohannonlbwb  Jack J Williams565260
Brooke Guest†ct James Sewardb  Jack J Williams51015
Danny Lambct Henry J Dobsonb  Rick AL Moore203020
Aaron Lilleyct & b Harry J Killoran1004
Simon Kerrigan*b  Jack C White262115
Toby Lesternot out1002
Extraslb (5), w (2)7
Wicketsall out
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers49.1

Fall of Wickets :

14-1 Karl Brown (Luke Procter-3*); 14-2 Calum Turner (Luke Procter-3*); 35-3 Liam Livingstone (Luke Procter-9*); 52-4 Luke Procter (Rob Jones-5*); 156-5 Josh Bohannon (Rob Jones-50*); 166-6 Brooke Guest (Rob Jones-55*); 201-7 Danny Lamb (Rob Jones-70*); 207-8 Aaron Lilley (Rob Jones-75*); 276-9 Rob Jones (Simon Kerrigan-25*); 278-10 Simon Kerrigan (Toby Lester-1*); 
* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Wayne White10045300
Jack C White9.1157310
Rick AL Moore10151100
Jack J Williams10052210
Harry J Killoran10068100
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets50

Cheshire CCC - Academy XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
Warren M Goodwinct Liam Livingstoneb  Simon Kerrigan434254
Rick AL Mooreb  Danny Lamb133011
Henry J Dobsonst Brooke Guestb  Simon Kerrigan80025
Wayne Whitect Simon Kerriganb  Josh Bohannon242042
Lee Dixon*not out766475
Owen Lynchct Rob Jonesb  Danny Lamb71014
David Hurstb  Toby Lester71016
James Seward†b  Josh Bohannon2005
Jack J Williamslbwb  Josh Bohannon0004
Harry J Killoranb  Aaron Lilley91014
Jack C Whitect Rob Jonesb  Aaron Lilley122011
Extraslb (2), w (13)15
Wicketsall out
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers45.1

Fall of Wickets :

23-1 Rick AL Moore (Warren M Goodwin-9*); 46-2 Henry J Dobson (Warren M Goodwin-19*); 83-3 Warren M Goodwin (Wayne White-8*); 141-4 Wayne White (Lee Dixon-42*); 153-5 Owen Lynch (Lee Dixon-46*); 164-6 David Hurst (Lee Dixon-50*); 167-7 James Seward (Lee Dixon-51*); 167-8 Jack J Williams (Lee Dixon-51*); 204-9 Harry J Killoran (Lee Dixon-76*); 216-10 Jack C White (Lee Dixon-76*); 
* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Toby Lester8046120
Danny Lamb9048220
Simon Kerrigan6117200
Luke Procter3014000
Aaron Lilley6.1033210
Liam Livingstone4027000
Josh Bohannon9129300
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets20

Match Officials

UmpiresPhil Prince, David Gane
ScorersJames Law, Mike Dixon