Wales MC - Unicorns KO XI Vs Cheshire CCC - Unicorns KO Trophy XI

Type League: MCCA - Unicorns KO Trophy Group 2 2017Rules TypeStandard
Ground Newport C.C.Date Sunday 7th May 2017
Toss Wales MC - Unicorns KO XI won the toss and elected to batStart Time 11:00

Result Summary

Result :    Cheshire CCC - MCCA KO XI - Won
Wales MC - Unicorns KO XICheshire CCC - Unicorns KO Trophy XI
Score200 for 9 (50.0 overs) 201 for 9 (49.5 overs)
Game Points02
Penalty Points00
Total Points02

Wales MC - Unicorns KO XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
Joe Vokect C- Roweb  Wayne White234034
Elis Richardslbwb  Jack J Williams30023
Adam Keane†ct Rick AL Mooreb  Wayne White122029
Gregory Holmes*run out (Will J Evans)3007
Steffan Robertsb  Danny A Woods243043
Samuel Pearcelbwb  Danny A Woods302152
Callum Taylorct Jack J Williamsb  Nick D Anderson152020
Darren Thomasnot out465059
Richard Edwardsrun out (Jack C White)111026
James Lewisb  Jack C White0001
Thomas Murphynot out5106
Extrasb (12), lb (1), w (15)28
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers50.0

Fall of Wickets :

19-1 Elis Richards (Joe Voke-12*); 44-2 Joe Voke (Adam Keane-5*); 52-3 Gregory Holmes (Adam Keane-6*); 62-4 Adam Keane (Steffan Roberts-4*); 120-5 Steffan Roberts (Samuel Pearce-29*); 123-6 Samuel Pearce (Callum Taylor-2*); 147-7 Callum Taylor (Darren Thomas-11*); 184-8 Richard Edwards (Darren Thomas-37*); 185-9 James Lewis (Darren Thomas-38*); 
* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Wayne White10.0145230
Jack C White10.0036170
Jack J Williams10.0030100
Danny A Woods10.0325200
Nick D Anderson10.0051100
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets132

Cheshire CCC - Unicorns KO Trophy XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
C- Rowect Gregory Holmesb  Samuel Pearce234044
Will J Evanslbwb  Callum Taylor639068
Rick AL Moorect Darren Thomasb  Joe Voke00013
Ryan K Brownlbwb  Samuel Pearce0007
Wayne Whitenot out6050102
Lee Dixon*b  Richard Edwards80019
Nick D Andersonlbwb  Richard Edwards70017
James Seward†b  Samuel Pearce1008
Jack J Williamsb  Samuel Pearce5009
Jack C Whitelbwb  Samuel Pearce0003
Danny A Woodsnot out7109
Danny Leechdid not bat
Extrasb (2), lb (3), w (22)27
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers49.5

Fall of Wickets :

79-1 C- Rowe (Will J Evans-45*); 82-2 Rick AL Moore (Will J Evans-48*); 83-3 Ryan K Brown (Will J Evans-49*); 131-4 Will J Evans (Wayne White-21*); 154-5 Lee Dixon (Wayne White-36*); 176-6 Nick D Anderson (Wayne White-50*); 183-7 James Seward (Wayne White-56*); 190-8 Jack J Williams (Wayne White-57*); 190-9 Jack C White (Wayne White-57*); 
* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Richard Edwards10.0238220
James Lewis7.0036040
Samuel Pearce10.0135520
Joe Voke6.0129110
Gregory Holmes6.5138020
Callum Taylor10.0120110
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets50

Match Officials

UmpiresDean- Price, John Wheeler
ScorersJohn Jones, Janet Herbert